You've worked hard for everything you have, and you may want to share it with your loved ones. That's why protecting and transferring wealth is so important.

Over time we get to know our clients and their families very well.

When we discuss wealth preservation and transfer, it is important to plan while you can.  The strategies implemented should then be revisited on an ongoing basis.

There are many many ways to preserve and transfer your wealth, so it's of high importance to do so in a manner that best fits your personal situation.

Some services we facilitate on this topic are:

  • Estate planning document review
  • Beneficiary structuring and review
  • Serving as a family office
  • Drafting a family "Love Letter"
  • Charitable giving, including donor-advised funds and family foundations
  • Trust education

We work with you and your family members regarding different strategies, investment vehicles, and their functions to continue your values and visions across multiple generations.