It's crucial for us to get a thorough understanding of each other at our first meeting, and the benefit to both of us is well worth it. Your goals are the basis for what we do, and the best way for us to understand them is by asking you a lot of questions about yourself. This meeting often lasts 1-2 hours.



Can we help?

At our second meeting, we'll review the information we gathered from our first meeting. The purpose of this is to confirm that the information is accurate and we have a clear understanding of what is important to you.  We will also give you a broad overview of the value we'd be able to add. 




Are we a good fit?

At this meeting, we mutually decide if it makes sense to begin a professional relationship. We will address any remaining questions and have the necessary paperwork ready to move forward. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship, and that's why we have two meetings before this one. By this time you should see the value we can add, but we also hope the energy between us feels right. Our clients often become our friends and we have lifelong relationships that span generations. 





Putting your plans into action

At this meeting, we will share the expertise and insights from our team and present you with your prioritized plan. We'll discuss the specifics of what to address, the order in which to address them, and the rationale behind why. 


Staying on track

Ongoing meetings will help keep you up-to-date and address any changes in your life. The frequency of these meetings is completely conditional, but will be no less than once a year. These are meant to keep everyone on track, so you can continue living your life of success.