Do you have questions about Social Security benefits?

Social Security has been around for decades, yet it is often not fully understood. There are several different factors that can come into play when determining your Social Security including: age, full retirement age, life expectancy, relationship status, work history, whether you need the income or not, etc. The government can also create new rules and regulations that can affect it as well.

While Social Security can seem complex at the beginning, it's important to understand the rules and regulations associated with it. After all, you've paid Social Security tax for the majority of your life, so it would make sense to take full advantage of your money when you start collecting.

To determine how to best use your Social Security, we analyze the factors listed above in cohesion with your personal situation and present you with a report that shows you the most beneficial time for you to begin collecting.

We also often run "what if" scenarios as well that help illustrate the effects of collecting under a variety of different circumstances. Some of these usually include: death of a spouse, retiring early, never retiring, having been married multiple times, etc.