Welcome to our Tax Analysis page!

A major focus in our philosophy is centered around tax mitigation. By this we mean minimizing the impact of taxes on your investment returns while ensuring the cash flow you need. We have seen that mitigating incomes taxes is one of the major financial concerns of the great majority of affluent individuals and families. Mitigating estate taxes and capital gains taxes also ranks high on their list of concerns. Taxes can eat up a great deal of wealth. As wealth managers, we help our clients enhance their wealth by minimizing this impact.

In order to do this analysis, we need your tax return. To address the elephant in the room, some people are uncomfortable showing their tax returns, and we understand that! Fortunately, we've developed a few processes using both industry requirements and input from our clients to address this. For security purposes, we require them to be delivered to us in person or virtually uploaded to our "vault" via a secure link. From there, we use our personal expertise alongside tax specialists we have on staff specifically for these evaluations to analyze your personal situation. If there are opportunities worth discussing that will help your tax situation, we will have you back in for a meeting to go over them. 

If this service is something that interests you, use the contact information below and under the "Get in Touch" section put "Tax Analysis" in the subject line. From there we will reach out and get you started!