We act as fiduciaries in advisory relationships. By law, we are required to put your interests ahead of ours. We will always do this whether or not the government requires it, but it's important for you to know that we are governed this way. 

We value transparency when it comes to our cost of doing business. When discussing how much something will cost, we prefer to be as forthcoming as possible. Everyone understands there's cost of doing business, and it's important to know the value you're getting for that cost.

Before we enter into a professional relationship, you should know we do not charge for our initial two meetings. While our time is valuable, we genuinely enjoy getting to know people and their aspirations, and exploring the value we can add, without the added pressure of them paying us before we work together.

If we decide to work together after that, this is how our cost structure is broken down:

The marketplace we most often serve is people with $5M and above of investable assets, but this can extend below in some circumstances. Our account minimum is $1M. For clients that meet our minimum, we charge 1.25% annually on AUM (assets under management). By doing so, we are able to utilize our entire skillset for you with no restrictions.

We also do hybrid arrangements on occasion for those that don't meet the account minimum but fit our practice exceptionally well or are only in need of a select few services. In these cases, we charge a flat fee for planning. Basic plans typically start at $5,000 - $6,000 but can be higher depending on the complexity of the plan. We will require at least a 50% deposit to begin the agreed upon services, and the balance will be due at the time of delivery. This cost will be charged annually thereafter should we wish to continue our planning relationship. If you meet our account minimum at a later date, we will transition to the pricing structure mentioned above.

From time to time investments may incur commissions. These commissions are paid to us by the sponsored companies, not you, and these arrangements will be clearly disclosed ahead of time.

For standalone services that don't include financial planning there is a separate cost. This is determined by the particular service needed (Insurance Evaluation, College Planning, Stock Option Optimization, etc).

If you have any further questions regarding our cost structure, contact us and we will be happy to answer them.