Morgan Wilson, AWMA™

Wealth Manager

Being a wealth manager has allowed me to help others in ways I never imagined. At its core, yes, it involves a lot of investment product management, but the best part for me is being able to help good, quality people work toward their goals.

Prior to this career, my passion was to play professional baseball. I had a very brief shot at it and was fortunate enough to play in college and semi-professionally. These times were filled with many challenges and the experiences have given me a very unique outlook on life, but I always appreciated the people who helped me along the way more than I could ever express. And now that I’m doing what I’m doing, my goal is to return that energy back to others.

When I’m not working, I enjoy working out, painting, rocking out, traveling, and spending time outdoors with my dog, Archer, who I love showing off! (He’s pretty unique).

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